How to Use Flowers as Décor?

The world of flowers is a beautiful one; amazing patterns, sizes, compositions, different kinds of hues, and impossible names to utter. When it comes to arranging a bouquet or floral design, the choices are unlimited. There are more than 120 kinds of flowers to select from, all of which into four groups: focal flowers, filler flowers, greenery, or line flowers. Flowers from each group come together to create a stunning, beautiful bouquet.

Focal Flowers

Focal flowers attract the eye while line flowers create height, filler flowers replenish space, and greenery the entire flower bouquet. A floral designer must examine the function and goal of the material within the arrangement before selecting specific flowers for your bouquet. Flower colour, expenses, and seasonal availability are other concerns in choosing the flowers for your bouquet.

Your eyes will instantly be attracted to focal flowers because they stand out the most. Focal flowers are commonly the largest flower in your bouquet and emphasize a single bloom per stem. Popular focal flowers include David Austin garden rose, Burgundy berry dahlia, White calla lily, Peach gerbera daisy, and Anemone. They are set close to the midst of the flower arrangement little above and hanging below the edge. If you don’t have enough time to go and get these beautiful blooms, you can always opt for one of the best flower delivery Melbourne!

Filler Flowers

Filler flowers complement your flower bouquet by adding texture and colour. They make it look full and professional. Filler flowers emphasize stems with different types of flowers. The textures of filler flowers add another dimension to your bouquet. Button chrysanthemums show boldness while Baby’s breath adds a beautiful appearance.

Floral designers who use filler flowers to add a finishing touch to an arrangement must be very careful not to put in many flowers because it will look crowded. They are also called transitional flowers because they are utilized to fill gaps between the focal and line flowers. Famous filler flowers include wax flower, baby’s breath, hypericum berries, spray roses, and solidago.


Greenery gives the proper enhancement to your bouquet putting the finishing touch of your arrangement and also providing structural support to your arrangement. Green flowers are an ideal gift for people who could use a ray of joy in their lives. You can send your best wishes to your loved ones with green flowers to celebrate their special moments in life.

Green flowers are also a great alternative for decorations especially during spring and to carry positive vibes or a touch of nature in your living. Common types of greenery include tree fern, salal, lily grass, seeded eucalyptus, and leather leaf.

Line Flowers

Line flowers are tall flowers with many flowers per stem. They define the shape of your bouquet. They can also add height. Famous line flowers include stock, larkspur, Bells of Ireland, orchids, and snapdragons. Most line flowers have larger, more open blossoms at the end of their spikes, falling toward the tip.

Line flowers are also effective for creating curvilinear lines in floral structures. The real curve of floral elements, such as gladiolus, develops a curving line. Gently leaning the stems of some spike flowers will establish an impressive curved line in a flower arrangement.

The choices for flower arrangements are unlimited with so many gorgeous kinds of flowers to select from!


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