Sentimental Gift-Giving Ideas For Special Occasions

The latest technology has introduced many exciting gifts that are popular among the young and old.  However, their popularity dies down as quickly as they became popular, as they are replaced by more recent and advanced items. 

As such, many people like to give gifts that last forever and that is why sentimental gifts are so special.  Sentimental gifts are those gifts that spark a special place of nostalgia that is very special to the receiver.  Therefore, it is prudent to skip the hottest gifts of the current trend and give a gift that will be loved for years to come.  Here are some of the most sentimental gift-giving ideas for your loved ones;



Photographs are the best memorabilia that everyone possesses.  Special photographs do not belong in a shoebox or on your phone.  Professionally printed photographs secured in store-bought frames or affectionately hand-made by you can be a wonderful sentimental gift.


Other keepsakes such as shells, small ornaments, key chains etc. capturing a special moment in the memory of the recipient can be presented in beautiful glass cases or transparent containers.

A Re-Creation Of A Past Experience

If your loved one is enchanted by special past experience, turn their favourite experiences into new memories by recreating them again.  Perhaps it is your first meeting and a picnic they were in, or tickets to their favourite musical.  This shows that you care for their happy feelings.  At the same time, this nostalgia is added to by new happy memories, thus creating the ultimate in sentimental gift-giving.

Compliments, Memories And Appreciation

Sit down with a small, dainty notebook and write down memories, compliments and words of appreciation and encouragement, one in each page.  When you reach 365, fold the notes and place them in a beautiful container.  Give this gift to your loved one and explain that they should open only one note each day for the coming year.  This is an exceptionally sentimental new year’s gift to your spouse, child or parent!


Jewellery has been one of the most welcome gifts from the the beginning of time.  Since jewellery is expensive, it has become a way of stating how important somebody is to you!  Thus, jewellery has become one of the most sentimental gifts of all times due to its many qualities.

Jewellery is timeless.  It can be cared for and enjoyed over generations.  You can find a range of classic jewellery, especially rings, such as those from Etrnl. They never go out of date or become irrelevant.   People rarely buy jewellery for themselves due to their cost.  Rather, they buy jewellery for the ones who are most dear to them.  A piece of jewellery is a gift now, and an heirloom later. 

Personalized Jewellery makes a perfect sentimental gift for christening, birthdays, graduation, engagements, weddings, anniversaries etc.

Handprint Art

A keepsake that will be cherished forever can be created with handprints, especially those of children, and gifted to parents, grandparents or godparents.  This artwork captures a moment in the child’s life and will bring back most cherished memories of that time to their relatives of the older generation.


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