How to Make a Function Room Event-Appropriate

Functions rooms tend to be only used for conferences or similar events. But, there are several ways to turn these lacklustre rooms into something worthy and appropriate to your event, be it for a wedding or a debutante’s ball or even a christening.


Decoration is one of the ways you could transform a function room to be event appropriate. Having a theme would make it easier for you to decorate the room and make it picture perfect. If the event is for a wedding, make the room more romantic by decorating it with fresh flowers, laces, and tulle and with soft lights and fairy lights. If it is for a child’s birthday party, turn a drab function room into a colourful playground by adorning it with banners and streamers and balloons of different sizes and shapes.


Several function rooms for hire in Melbourne have amenities that are event appropriate. Are you having a cooking class? There are function rooms that could accommodate you with all the burners that your students would need. Is your event for a free medical and dental mission? There are function rooms that could also accommodate this type of event such as having movable partitions to provide privacy for every consultation. Or is your event for some presentation? Function rooms have built-in audio visual capabilities to assist you with your presentation especially if you would be needing a projector, speakers and microphones.


In every event, it is necessary to have a “registration” desk. For weddings, it is essential for guests to know what their table numbers are. For conferences, it is needed to know how many participants attended and to collect their badges and conference kits. This registration desk could also be where the guests could deposit their coats and other things that could hinder them from participating in the event fully. This desk should be the first that they see when they reach the venue and should be noticeable and easy to find. When arranging the function room, make sure that the layout would work well for your event. If the function room is rented for a wedding, arrange the tables and chairs so that the bride and groom would have space to walk around when talking with the guests. If it is for a conference, arrange all the chairs to face front and to have a little platform for the speaker to be seen even with the participants sitting at the back.


Events such as conferences usually lasts for more than one day so if the function room is in a hotel, it would be appropriate for your event so as for the participants that would be coming from out of town or out of the country would have an easier lodging choice, or if there are transportation and shuttle services from the venue to their accommodation.

Following these steps would turn any function room to a venue that is appropriate for your event. All you need is a little creativity, time and some manpower to turn your vision into a reality.

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