Important Questions to Ask When Booking a Conference Centre

Picking a venue for an event is challenging with all those choices available around. However, most people opt for a conference centre no matter what event is going to be held. You can enjoy plenty of benefits when you choose a conference centre rather than an ordinary venue for your event. To help you pick the best venue, here are the most important things you need to ask when you inquire from one.


One important factor when choosing a venue is its availability on the set date of your event. It is important to book in advance for more availability and get better deals regarding the venue. If it is available, don’t forget to ask if they can provide what is needed for the event such as audio visual equipment, seating, rooms and many more.


Accessibility of the venue is important for your guests. You have to make sure they arrive on time before the event begins so the venue must be easily accessible wherever they came from. One of the best venues is Geelong conference centre and is totally accessible from highways and public transportation.


If the event will go on for a few days or most of your guests are from out of town, booking a venue with quality accommodation is the best choice. You can be assured that all your guests are staying nearby the venue with all their needs met.


The size of the venue plays a big role in the success of an event. Always choose a venue that can perfectly accommodate all of the attendees. If you only have a small group of people, it is better to choose smaller sized venues rather than wide open spaces which can be overwhelming. For large group conferences, make sure the room is big enough that it still has extra space for everyone to move around comfortably.


Different events need different facilities. Plan your event and analyse what facilities you need to make it successful. Do you need a space for exhibits? A theatre? A lounge? Make sure the venue you choose can provide any facility that you need to lessen the problems later on.

Technical Needs

Technology plays an important role in almost every event, whether corporate or non-corporate. Make sure to ask if they can provide all your technical needs such as AV equipment, good internet connection and other equipment needed for the presentation.


If the venue offers in-house catering, then the better it is. Just be sure to pick a menu that can cater to a variety of dietary needs. You can plan the menu in advance to make sure there are no problems during the event proper.


You have to set your budget first before choosing a venue. Choose only a place that is within the budget range and remember to keep some extra for unexpected expenses along the way.

By asking the right questions, it will be easier to find the right venue that suits your event.

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