Saying ‘Yes’ To Lifelong Happiness With The One You Love

The love of your life keeps you happy. Finding that ideal love is not easy. But when you get hold of it do not waste any time before you say I do. Getting together with the one you love most is an occasion to remember. Definitely it will be, however how to celebrate it as an unforgettable event to you as well as the participants?

Pick A Theme

Pick a theme which is not that common. But don’t go for the bizarre! People choose to say I do in the air, while doing a parachute drop or undersea, while wearing a diving suit. These are unique but not in a very conventional or common way. Some may even snort at it, although there is absolutely no need to appease the masses, you yourself must be able to look back and feel that you as well as the guests had a good time. Everyone enjoyed and the affair was kept simple, short and to the point!

Discussing With The In-Laws

The last thing you would need is one of the parties of the couple getting married sulking on one side. Not that such situations are sometimes unsalvageable. But you can always try. Best is to talk to them, actually talk to both parties before you decide on anything. In some areas, there are some “must” celebrations. It could be Airwize firework displays or having a traditional wedding day breakfast. It is your duty to respect the wishes of the adults to start and keep a good relationship going, so the best method is to talk to either side and clear everything up.

Choose To Get Help

You can ask for help in two ways. First, you can ask the relatives and friends to not to gift you with the same bowl or tea cozy but opt for various wedding tasks instead. For example, two or three parties can contribute to photography and videoing of the event. Another or several can sponsor the cake or at least help make it. It may seem cheap to ask for wedding favours rather than a gift but at times guests will prefer it as it could come cheaper than buying a gift that stands out among the thousands of others.

Be Cautious With The Finances

There is no use celebrating so hard that you end up owing money to all the banks in the town. Add a unique item to the wedding celebration but do not go overboard with trying to make it look like a carnival than a personal event of a few friends and closest family. At the end of it all, only the memories will be saved to cherish. To burn all the money you have on a yacht or an unnecessarily expensive door gift will not make it special. It will actually leave you with feeling foolish to spend money unwisely when the next step of your life could have used it.

Many people use special additions of bits and bites to make a wedding unique. While something such as pyrotechnic can truly make a great photo op hence some long-lasting memories, spending on every new thing you see may not be the proper thing to do.

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