Your Guide to Throwing an Epic Bachelor Party

If you are the best man, then it is your duty to throw the groom-to-be an epic bachelor party. The problem is, though, that most people don’t have too much experience in this department. So, they don’t realise that it takes quite a bit of planning and effort to pull it off perfectly. If you don’t feel prepared enough, then this article can help you. Simply follow these guidelines and you can throw a bash that any groom will be grateful for:

Focus on Your Friend

Before you do anything else, start by figuring out what the groom-to-be would want to do. After all, it is his night. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that he enjoys himself more than anyone else. Now, you are going to find that the second that people know that you are hosting the event, they are going to come with all kinds of suggestions. Ignore them and focus on the guest of honour for inspiration. For instance, is he someone that loves to gamble? Then, look for services that cater to party poker for bucks events. You can then be certain that he will have an epic night.

Mind the Guest List

It is normal to get confused regarding the guest list – there are so many people invited to the wedding, so who should get to come to the stag night? Well, while there should be enough people to have fun with, don’t go overboard. Start with the most important people and then make your way down the guest list. If you feel like someone isn’t going to be a fun addition to the night, you may want to think about leaving them off. There is no use in bringing down everyone’s mood all for the sake of one person.

Plan Every Moment of the Night

A good best man will make sure that his friend has something fun to do for the entirety of the party. So, don’t just stop with one entertaining event. Since the party is going to go on for several hours at least, you need to make sure that every moment has been pre-planned. While you don’t need to stuff too much into this time period, the groom-to-be shouldn’t be wondering around aimlessly either. Therefore, you are going to have to take care of venues, transportation, all of the other little details ahead of time.

Keep It Private

There is a good chance that this is your friend’s last night for a little debauchery. Due to this, it is best to keep it as private as possible. So, before the party gets going, make sure that everyone follows a no social media rule, at least for the night. If they want to take pictures, make sure that no one posts them. Then, the next morning, you can go through them and decide which ones are appropriate to be shared with everyone else.

These are the main points to keep in mind when throwing a bachelor party. As long as you follow these guidelines, you can guarantee that it is going to be an epic night for everyone involved.

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