Ways to Surprise Someone

A special surprise can make someone feel loved especially on his/her birthday. There are many different ways to do it, and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Use your creative side or get ideas from websites online. However, not all surprises are good. It can be bad for the person who will receive it. Good timing is the key. You have to know the perfect time to give the surprise. If you want to bowl over a person who’s important to you, keep reading below.

Go on A Dinner Date

A dinner date is one of the oldest yet effective ways to surprise the special person in your life. Take her to her favourite restaurant. And to make it extra special, give her a bouquet of flowers or show up to her work to have dinner together.

Send in An Entertainer

Is someone you know will be tying the knot real soon? Surprise the bride-to-be on her bridal shower party with an entertainer. If you’re from Australia, you have to take a look at Adelaide strippers. They have professional male performers who can make your night unforgettable. Make sure to book ahead of time to confirm your slot.

Do A Chore

Doing a household chore for someone who’s tied up with work and other things is one of the most unique ways to surprise someone. It will be a great help to him/her. It can be the simplest task like taking the garbage out or cleaning the kitchen sink. Use an eco-friendly product to clean. You can make your own by using some of the items in your cupboard.

Take Him/ Her to A Spa

Working a 9-5 job everyday can be stressful. Stress is inevitable, but there are ways to manage it. If you want to reduce the stress of the person who’s special to you, take him/her to a spa experience he/she will never forget. It should include a relaxing massage and sauna.

Outdoor Movie

Do you want to give a unique surprise to someone? Take him/her to an outdoor movie adventure. Grab a popcorn or a snack that you both will enjoy. You can set it up outside your home if you have your own projector.


An experience can’t be taken away from you. Surprise someone with an unforgettable affair. It can be his/her favourite hobby/interest like camping, hiking, sports, concert, arts, etc.

Record A Sweet Message

Record a sweet message for your partner like saying how much you miss him/her or how much you love that person. It will catch him/her off guard. Use app like Voice Memo if you’re an iPhone user.

Hidden Message

Write a note for someone special to you on his/her birthday. You can write a birthday wish or a touchy personal message and hide it in a diary or lunch bag. But it’s best to write a lot of notes in different places, and it will give excitement to the birthday celebrant for sure.

There are incredible surprise ideas you can do for someone, and you don’t have to spend a lot on it.

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