Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Every person has his or her own goals in life that he or she’d like to achieve someday. Some like to travel the world while the others want to get married right after completing college. The latter requires a lot of preparation time because who doesn’t dream of having a beautiful wedding, right? Almost everyone has a dream wedding in mind. Some would like to have a beach or garden wedding while the others choose to stick to the usual which is a church wedding.

Printed Items

When you say printed items, it is all about the guest list, wedding invitations, thank you notes, etc. Make sure that everything matches with your overall wedding theme.


Where do you plan to have the ceremony? Is it in a beach, boat, church, garden, historic library, museum, theme park or tree house? The choices are many. Just pick one that is very close to your heart. But don’t ever forget to consider the weather to make sure that your wedding will not be a mess. Or if you really like an outdoor wedding, see to it that you have a back-up plan just in case it rains on that day. Check for weather updates online. If you’re from Australia, you have to check out Melbourne’s best engagement party venue before your wedding day.


Meals in the reception area should be well-taken care of by your caterer. There will be guests who have diet restriction and you have to know about it. Also, do a taste-test months before your wedding day. Everything should pass or better yet exceed your expectations, and that includes the cake. The cake is thecentrepiece in the reception area. Decide whether you just want 1 flavour for the whole cake or a different flavour for every tier. And don’t forget the knife.


Choosing a wedding gown and suit can be quite a challenge. With the vast array of choices in front of you, you’ll feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, you can get some ideas from different fashion magazines or websites, and make sure that it’s something that speaks about you. Don’t forget to choose the style and colour of your motif for your wedding entourage, too.


After the ceremony, you’ll have to go to your reception. Once you’ve paid for it, see to it that everything’s ready. That’s why you need to have a wedding coordinator who will make sure that everything’s complete and in order. Choose the best table decorations, tablecloth, chair covers, music, etc.


Hire the best photographer for your wedding day. Remember, it’s a once in a lifetime experience so make sure that you look beautiful in all your photos. Moreover, photographs play a key role in everyone’s life. It will remind you of people, feelings, and your past experiences.  But before the day of your photoshoot, know that you’ll need a location for your prenup, and if candid or casual pictures will be taken in the reception or you’ll need some props for your memorabilia.

Besides this list, you have to make sure that you have booked your car or better yet use your own to be able to save, the bouquet flowers for the bride and bridesmaids, and the corsages and boutonnieres for the groom, mother of the bride and groomsmen, etc.

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