Tips For Planning A Wedding Effectively In A Month Or Less

We’re here to make the impossible possible, by telling you how to effectively plan a wedding even within a tight schedule of a month or less. Read ahead to find how.

Try Your Best To Keep Things Small

Be practical here. Since your time for planning is so little, opt for a small and private wedding. Whether you choose to be married in a church or you say your vows at a private reception hall makes no difference to you if you choose to abide this tip.

Get Your Date Set

Your first priority is to set a date. Since it’s to be held in a month, try your best to make most of the month, having the function at the end of the month. Of course, you need to make sure this time period is convenient for you, your fiancé as well as the wedding guests you must have on your special day. If you choose this date randomly, you’ll be disappointed that some of your wedding guests couldn’t make it.

Set Your Budget For The Big Event

Without a doubt, a situation as this can bloom into something huge and expensive if you will let it happen. To avoid falling into debt or emptying out your bank over a single day, take the time to set up a budget for your wedding. Once set, make your mind to strictly stay within the allocated budget.

Get A Start On Your Invitations

Since you have very little time, get a start on your wedding guest list as soon as possible. Like we mentioned above, keep this list small and intimate. Remember that this is the factor that affects all other major aspects of your wedding. Once you’re done with the list, send out the invitations. If you feel your invitations will not get to your guests in time, simply send them an e-invitation or Whatsapp it, or give them a phone call for a more personal invite.

Local Venues Are Your Best Option

Check around your local event venues for availability, something you shouldn’t have an issue with since you’re planning an intimate wedding. If you live in Croydon, don’t forget to check with your local upper end restaurants as well. There are plenty of restaurants that double as a wedding venue in Croydon, so you should not have an issue with it.

Consider Hiring A Planner For The Event

This step may not be the most price efficient or budget-friendly decision, but it will certainly reduce the amount of stress the bride and the groom need to go through. It’s even better if their package also includes catering, photography and entertainment.

Pick Out Your Clothes

Bespoken suits or tailor-made dresses are out of the question with your time frame; so stick to off the shelf clothing. You should also consider maid of honor clothes and sample dresses if you want to save yourself a lot of money.

Select A Known Caterer

If you like throwing a lot of parties, then you most probably know a lot of your local caterers for parties and other events. Use them to feed your wedding party. Since they already know you, they’ll likely be more cooperative about the rushed order.

Seasonal Flowers Will Be Your Saving Grace

If you want fresh flowers, then seasonal flowers are your best bet when planning these short time frame weddings, as they are more readily available. If not, plastic flowers are quite easily found; and all year round too!

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