The Types Of Photography That You Should Know About

Today, everyone with a smartphone has become a photographer in some way. Social media has become the platform for society to fill in their friends on what goes on in their day to day lives. Bloggers and vloggers grow increasingly every day due to the advent in technology that allows them to do so. However, even though these photographers are for the most part amateur they must know that there are many different types of photography. Thereby, when taking a picture or video one must be aware of the content of the picture as well as the setting and tone of it. Without going any further, let’s look at the different types of photography.

Aerial Photography

This type of photography is mainly used to capture scenes and landscapes from above. The type of camera predominantly used here is a drone which can be operated and controlled by the photographer using a remote. Aerial photography is beautiful in its own way as it brings perspective into a picture and one that has never been seen before.

Architectural Photography

The title here says it all. Our world is full of beautifully made buildings and it is no wonder that there is a type of photography that relates specifically to it. Architectural photography is still photography which most often requires the use of a tripod to ensure that the camera does not shake. If caught at the right angle architectural photography can be a real treat to the eyes!

Documentary Photography

Making a documentary is more often than not highlighted as a difficult task. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! You can use a zoom recorder to document a specific scene related to war, science or even fiction. Once you have gained some experience in documentation, the rest comes naturally. Documentation is an important skill to have as it can be used in university or even college.

Candid Photography

Candid photography seems to be a trend today. It is a great way to photograph the moment as and when it happened and does not necessarily require that the object in the picture is aware of the picture being taken. Candid photography can be beautiful if executed right and at times requires a great deal of planning but if you are lucky requires a great deal of spontaneity.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is mainly used in the advertising industry. Again here, it is mainly still shots of the product being advertised that is at the core of this type of industry. The product needs to appeal to the audience and hence the product must be made in such a way.

Food Photography

This is a relatively new type of photography that is mainly used as a tool to gain attraction from social media by food bloggers. If visiting new places is on your bucket list then food photography is definitely a skill you must try to adopt. For great pictures of food always keep in mind never to use the flash as this could result in the food looking overly greasy.

Remember, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ so take your picture wisely finding the type of photography that best suits you and the picture you are about to take. Happy clicking!

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