Choosing Commercial Furniture Based on Restaurant Type

Selecting furniture for your cafe or restaurant can make or break your business. Different restaurants have different concepts and you have to pick the right furniture to complement the overall feel of the place. People today don’t only come to dine on a restaurant or cafe but they are also looking for a nice venue where they can spend time with friends and relatives. With so many furniture styles, it is a bit challenging to find the perfect match for your restaurant. Read along and be guided on how to choose the right furniture for your establishment.

Casual Dining

Casual dining restaurants are popular among families who want to enjoy a meal together outside their home. This type of restaurant offers a wide variety of meals with quality service from the staff. Usually, you can expect longer sitting time for customers when you have this restaurant so comfort is the most important factor in choosing furniture. Upholstered and cushioned chairs are two of your best picks because they are comfortable to sit on for hours. Don’t forget to have extra high chairs or booster seats for customers who have kids with them. Choose a style that suits the theme of your restaurant to make it even more special. To make things easy, choose commercial furniture packages for a harmonious looking furniture set.

Fast Casual Dining

Fast casual restaurants work similarly like a fast food chain. Customers usually just grab and go or stay for a short while. This type of restaurant has no table service, have high traffic and short visit from their customers so it is important to choose furniture that can handle these factors. Contemporary designs with smooth and easy to clean surface are popular choices for this restaurant. Simple chairs and tables will do as long as they have a cohesive design. Cushions aren’t that necessary too because customers don’t stay that long, but you can still add if you want to.


Cafes and coffeehouses are really popular nowadays and they offer a different kind of dining experience to their customers. Some people go to a cafe to simply grab a drink and go while others opt to sit down on comfy chairs to relax. Cafes should be able to offer lots of different seating options to meet every customer’s needs. For example, aside from having regular bistro tables, you may also need to add comfortable lounge or couches and a drink bar lined up with stools.


Cafeterias are commonly found on schools and offices. This is a place where huge amount of people gather to eat so it is important to choose durable and high quality furniture that can withstand the intensity of use. Uniformity in chairs and tables makes a cafeteria look more appealing so it is best to buy in bulk when purchasing cafeteria furniture.

With this simple guide, you’ll have an idea on how to choose furniture that will build your restaurant even more. Add it up with great customer service and your restaurant will surely be a success.

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