Celebrate Your Child’s First Year Birthday

It’s not every day that your baby turns one, therefore you would want the best party for him or her and would love to celebrate in the grandest way you possibly could.


This is a very important step plan out your budget before starting to purchase, include the booking of the place, getting food services, a thank you token for all those attending.

Place and Time

It is up to your preference to hold the party wherever you want. You might want to celebrate it in a hotel or at the comforts of your own home. If you want to celebrate it in a hotel make sure you book the place beforehand.If the weather is nice you can even consider holding the birthday in a park. You can time the event in the afternoon or the evening.

Invitation Cards

Design an invitation card, you can pick a template from the place you are going to get it printed or you can customize your own card and get the printers to print it and deliver it to your guests by hand or by post.

Select A Theme

You can select a theme to do with princess and castles or fairyland if your child is a girl or you can go for a superhero or a car themed birthday party for a boy. Or you can centre the theme around a bedtime story you often read to your children. Dress up your child with clothes that go with the theme. You can either go shopping or get much simplerbaby clothes online. For a girl, you can even get accessories like a head band or a tiara centred around the theme.


Decide on your guests and send them out your invitation card. You might want to celebrate yourchild’s first birthday celebration only among the close circle in that case just invite your family and very close friends. But if your guest list is huge, you can even call up your distant relatives.


The most important part of the birthday is the birthday cake, if you are a good baker you can make your birthday cake related to the theme or you could place an order to a good baker to make the cake, all you have to do is send a picture of the birthday cake you would like to have and they would send it you on time.


The birthday table doesn’t only contain the birthday cake there are many other food varieties too. You can decorate the table with cookies based on the theme or sandwiches creatively made to fit the party and others. There are easy ways to get this job done, call catering services and place an order of your menu and they would have it delivered


Arrange a DJ to play music and if your guests are to bring kids you can even arrange for them bouncing castle.

Thank You Token

To appreciate the guests for being present to celebrate yourchild’s birthday give them a thank you token.

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