Are You An Event Manager?

Whatever the job you had in mind when you were in college, once you are older you will realize that a business of your own is the best. If you have a penchant towards decorating, gift wrapping, and simply making things beautiful and attractive event management could be one area that you excel in. If you start an event management business, what tips you can use to deliver a great service?

Customer Is Always King

Something event managers do which their clients resent is making the event their own. Always remember you are organizing someone else’s birthday party, wedding or engagement party. You have to sit with them and talk to them about their likes and dislikes, colours, themes and so on. If they suggest something that you think is not suitable for the type of event, you can certainly point it out.

However, make sure that you do it in a subtle manner. Ensure that neither you nor the even owner is going to ridiculous lengths such as bringing in elephants for the wedding or not wearing a headdress even when you are a bride. Both extremities have to be avoided. As an event manager, it is your responsibility to take them in the middle pathway for a beautiful, simple and memorable event.

Sourcing The Material

There might be tasteful flower arrangements, gorgeous dresses, exquisite venues and so on; but the budget is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind. So when you sit and discuss with the people who own the event make sure that you start with the budget. If they want to have a certain thing done, for example having rose petals strewn across the altar, you should be able to give them that facility albeit with a low cost option.

Rather than going for real expensive roses, you can very easily find artificial petals in an online store. If it is a kid’s birthday party and the parents want to give out some gifts to the kids who are coming in, you can source unique packaging ideas online. Visit and find more from You can mix and match wrapping paper ideas, gift boxes and much more.

Be There Always 

Not only at weddings, it is important that you are there for every event that you organize. There might be sudden emergencies- say, the cake may be delayed, the priest might not have arrived, caterers may face some difficulty and so on. As an event manager, coordinating the third party suppliers is your responsibility, however it is not your only responsibility. You have to be there and play the part of the bridge between the third party service providers and your clients.

You also should have the quick thinking ability to take care of sudden, unexpected emergencies such as a torn dress or musical equipment gone wrong. A seasoned event manager knows things that can most commonly go wrong. That knowledge is acquired by participating in many events as one can. It is not something you can learn from a book or watch in a documentary. Tacit knowledge like that is important when you are running a business like an event management.

Bringing a smile to another person’s eyes is such a satisfying experience. If you can do it for everyone out there, you’d have found one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

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